Why choose Farstad Analyser?

Farstad Analyser provides you with a detailed report on not only genetic mutations you have, but also how these mutations interact and what consequences it has for your health and how you can possibly bypass these ‘errors’, called SNPs, to improve your health: these errors impact a wide range of issues such as the chance of developing certain diseases, the rate at which we age, how we metabolise nutrients, our energy levels, longevity, and even fertility.

Below is a somewhat simplified diagram of the biochemical pathways in something called the Methylation Cycle, or MTHFR cycle. As you can see this is a complex system that relies heavily on each gene interacting correctly with each other. A failure in one gene can cause a cascading effect on the performance of other genes down the cycle: this is where your health starts to suffer.  We have many such complex metabolic cycles in our body and checking and cross checking the interactions of your unique SNPs is what we will provide you with in your DNA profile. ( Here's a picture of all metabolic pathways in the human body. )

There are of course other online services; however, what they don’t provide, is a comprehensive analysis of how your unique SNPs interact and what the consequences of these interactions are; how they impact your health; nor do they provide any guidance to address these issues.

By choosing Farstad Analyser, you will also receive an in depth guide into what nutrition and diet would be best suited for your particular genetic makeup, taking into account the interaction of all SNPs and correctly functioning genes. Many people have mutations in certain enzymes they produce, which will reduce their ability to process certain macro- and micronutrients. For example, some people may not be able to properly break down protein which can lead to an increase of ammonia levels in their blood. Others may not produce the right enzymes for breaking down glucose, which would impede their ability to produce energy, and therefore they would greatly benefit from a Ketogenic diet (Atkins type diet). Others still may have a reduced ability to break down fatty acids and lipids and therefore a Ketogenic diet would make them feel incredibly unwell and they would greatly benefit from a more vegetarian based diet.

There are a myriad of such examples of enzymatic and co-enzymatic processes needed for vital biological functions that may be compromised: leading to our bodies not functioning at their best. In most cases, many enzymatic functions and metabolic cycles can be altered through our diet, nutrition, sleep, and other environment factors; however, until we have the data on YOUR genetic mutations, we don’t know where to start. And like all things, you can have too much of a nutrient, so greatly altering your diet or taking supplements that are not needed can do more harm than good.

Our in depth knowledge of metabolomics, molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics, epigenetics, nutrigenomics and our understanding of the impact of genetic mutations have on one's health enables us to offer a comprehensive genetic report. The report includes a detailed analysis of the impact your genes have on your health and also a consultation with guidance on what steps you can take to find your biological ‘sweet spot’; there by optimising your best possible health, happiness and wellbeing.

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