Ever wonder why nutrition studies demonstrate so many conflicting results?  It might be because of us. Well, because of our different genotypes, that is.

Just about everybody benefits from a diet composed mostly of whole foods, including lean protein and plenty of fresh vegetables. But when it comes to fine tuning for performance, weight loss, or optimum health, my needs and reactions to specific foods might differ quite a bit from yours.

Lifestyle factors can change the expression of our genes through: micronutrients, limiting food intake, polyphenols, exercise, sauna, sleep.

Your personalized DNA report will tell you exactly what foods are best for YOUR body, what exercise routine is optimal for your genetic make up; what macro and micronutrients you may need more or less of; which lifestyle choices can reduce your disease risk and improve your aging and longevity. Basically, everything that can help you be the healthiest, happiest, best possible YOU.